Crush Your Biceps With This Killer Bicep Workout

by Robbie on November 19, 2010

The best bicep workout for men is actually very simple, but you don’t want the best bicep workout you want a killer bicep workout and that is what we have put together for you no matter what your fitness level. The bicep is a small muscle so it doesn’t take too much training to exhaust it. Most people make the mistake of training their biceps too often. Over training can be as bad as not training and all.

These bicep workouts have been separated by advanced, intermediate and beginners. Motivate Muscle is designed for all levels of muscle growth. Build muscle fast with us today

Killer bicep work out warm up

Before you attempt to train any body part it is critical that you complete a full warm-up. Your bicep work out warm up can be accomplished by performing a few sets 2 to 3 at the least of your first muscle building exercise. This will make sure some blood flow in your muscles and tendons so you don’t tear anything. You should never count these two Warm-up sets as working sets.
These workouts below are built with the right bicep exercises to maximize bicep mass and also include the right volume of training for the bicep muscle.

Motivate Muscle Beginner Bicep Workout

• Barbell bicep curl – 10 x 15 repskiller bicep workout
• Alternate seated dumbbell curl – 10 x 15 reps
• Barbell preacher curl – 10 x 15 reps
• Concentration curls – 10 x 15 reps

Motivate Muscle Intermediate Bicep Workout

• Standing alternate dumbbell curls – 10 x 12 reps
• Standing Olympic barbell curls – 10 x 12 reps
• One arm dumbbell preacher curl – 10 x 12 reps
• Hammer curl across the body – 10 x 12 reps

Motivate Muscle Advanced Bicep Workout

• Standing barbell curls – 8- x 10 reps
• Alternate seated hammer curl – 8 x 10 reps
• Barbell preacher curl – 8 x 10 reps
• Concentration curls – 12 x 15
• Alternate seated hammer curl – 12 x 15

There you have it three simple Motivate Muscle killer bicep workouts. Hit the gym and get to train hard! Remember all the hard work will pay off in the end you will. You have found the best way to build muscle right here at I would love to hear from you guys leave me a comment.
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